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In her previous career, Jan Floyd was a special education teacher and school principal. Teaching has always been a driving force in Jan’s life so the transition to dog trainer was an easy one. A lifelong animal lover, Jan first entered the dog world as a dog owner. Later as an adult and a parent, Jan adopted a “crazy Labrador Retriever” that dragged her across a baseball field while chasing another dog. She sought a trainer who helped both her and her dog. Next, Jan answered the call to foster homeless dogs, but for the first time, she encountered two dog aggressive foster dogs for which her skills were insufficient to turn the dogs around. It was a very humbling experience. Later, one of her own dogs showed significant dog aggression and Jan sought the help of a professional trainer again. She became so engrossed in training and rehabilitation that after retirement, Jan became a certified pet obedience trainer and worked with a training facility for 18 months before opening her own training business, The Calm Canine in 2013. Now, Jan enjoys helping dogs to become calm companions and helping owners become effective leaders for their dogs. Jan is continuing to learn dog training skills and has embarked on service dog training in addition to pet dog training. Jan is also a Qualified Affiliate with Volhard Dog Nutrition. Ask her about the benefits of feeding the Natural Diet Foundation formulas from Volhard Dog Nutrition for unsurpassed health and nutrition for you dog.


Meet Jedi, my constant companion and service dog! While still an adolescent dog, Jedi has proven himself to be an invaluable Assistant Trainer for The Calm Canine. He's always willing to demonstrate commands and is especially valuable for socialization. Jedi has earned AKC titles in Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine Advanced, Urban Canine Good Citizen-Public Access Test, Farm Dog Certified, American Temperament Test, Trick Dog Intermediate, Rally Novice and Barn Hunt Novice. He is continuing training for the  AKC Companion Dog title, Rally Advanced, and Barn Hunt. He has also had training in Scent Work and Agility. He's as close to a perfect dog as they come and I'm not biased one bit! 

Sadie and Forrest


Sadie (left) and Forrest (right) continue their influence from the Rainbow Bridge. Both of them were wonderful companions, therapy dogs and Assistant Trainers as pack members and team members of The Calm Canine until their passing in 2018 (Sadie) and 2019 (Forrest). Sadie and Forrest were both 13 years old when they crossed the Rainbow Bridge.



At age 15, Angel earned her  wings. She is remembered as a happy, flirty, sweet natured gentle soul who never met a stranger! As a therapy dog, Angel enjoyed working with all age groups, offering comfort and a smile to everyone. Rest in peace, Sweet Angel!



Princess survived cancer, two knee surgeries, and several corneal ulcers in her life, but ultimately old age took its toll and she joined Sadie, Forrest and Angel at the Rainbow Bridge in 2019 at age 15. Her spirit continues to influence my training style. 

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