We are your home-based dog training service designed to give you the companion you have always wanted. We work out of our home so your dog gets to experience training in a home environment with plenty of opportunity to sniff and play and explore the outdoors. All of our attention goes to your dog as we only train one dog at a time! Everything is individualized to meet your dog's needs. and your goals for your dog.

Whether you want to train your dog with professional coaching or you need a professional trainer to do the training for you, we have a program for you. The Calm Canine can help you meet your goals for your dog in a one-on-one personalized home-based program.


You will be professionally coached to train your dog yourself either in your home or at The Calm Canine. Each lesson is individualized to address your dog's behavioral needs and training goals.


Your dog lives at The Calm Canine during training with follow up training for you when your dog returns home. This approach is best for behavioral modification and for owners who do not have time to commit to daily training exercises.


Small group classes offer a chance to learn together with other handlers and dogs. We follow lesson plans aligned with group dynamics and final goals.


This is your chance to ask questions and participate in a mini lesson to see your dog learn new skills quickly as we evaluate your dog's training needs and recommend the best training program for you and your dog.